This page posted September 21st, 2014

I’m very glad you are here.

I have created this site, to honor Jesus, the Savior of the World.
The one, whom his family and closest friends knew to be, Yeshua.

First, allow me to share with you the following. The end of this age
has arrived. Smoke of Revelation is in the air, and what is at stake?…

Billions and billions of souls, the reign of light or reign of darkness,
and the Mountain of God, or the Center of the Universe…” Zion “.

My hope, is in Jesus – Yeshua – ” The Treasure Of Zion “!

What do you, find hope in?

Jack Kelley
From The Hills of the Ozarks

P.S. – The music currently playing is
Pachelbel’s Canon In D, by Johann Pachelbel.

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